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Recommend several couples who can make women whiten

1, after the sun wash hot water wash

After the sun to avoid the use of hot water to wash your face, because the skin is fragile after sun, wash your face with hot water will make the skin's telangiectasia, congestion, skin erythema or sunburn. In order to avoid such a situation, wash your face to wait for the skin at room temperature, with cold water to clean the facial skin. To the skin to eliminate the effect of calming red, but also to prevent the precipitation of melanin,Research project.

2, add vitamins

Vitamin A, C, E, etc., not only can regulate the performance of the human body and improve immunity, but also improve the skin tissue, inhibit pigmentation, so eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, orange, cabbage, Can be timely for the skin to add vitality,Chinese medicine.

3, drink plenty of water

In fact, the most simple way to whiten is to drink plenty of water, many people may think that drinking water on the whitening is not much effect. But to pay attention to the addition of water supplements, moderate to add water to the cells can be the body of the old waste together. Usually ultraviolet radiation will make the bottom of the skin Melanin melanin hyperplasia, through the amount of water to promote metabolism to make it faster to remove, this method than the skin care from the skin to add water to the real,reenex.

Therefore, for the skin whitening moisturizing, female friends need to do so after the sun with hot water wash, add vitamins, drink plenty of water and so on. The use of these whitening coup, combined with good habits, the use of the right skin care products, so inside and outside the combination of perseverance, in order to make the skin becomes white.


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