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Correct Shampoo Technique?

Few people realize there's a correct way to shampoo your hair, says George Caroll, a stylist, hair product designer, and consultant to the entertainment and beauty industry in Hollywood. He says proper shampooing not only improves the look of hair but also helps slow hair loss and promote healthier hair growth. He recommends the following:


Before you even step into the shower, brush your hair from front to back with a stiff boar-bristle brush. This will stimulate circulation and prevent the buildup of styling products.



Wet hair with warm water. (Hot water can strip your hair of protective oils.) Apply shampoo at the nape of the neck and shampoo the hairline first, followed by the top of your head.



Massage your entire scalp at least three times to push nutrients into the hair bulb and free your hair follicles of clogging deposits.



After rinsing your hair thoroughly, apply your conditioner. If you are doing all this outside the shower, wrap a "steam towel" (a wet towel that's been microwaved for two minutes) around your head and leave it on for 30-60 seconds. The steam will make moisturizing conditioners work more effectively by allowing the conditioner to be evenly absorbed into each hair strand.

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